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Welcome to BiznessAnalytics Inc.

Bizness Analytics Inc. is a data science consulting firm, providing high quality data analytics services and cloud based applications to turn complex big data into powerful business intelligence to solve the business challenges of tomorrow.

Convert Big Data into Powerful Business Intelligence to Solve  Challenges of Tomorrow


All ESG Sustainability Reporting Solutions Under One Roof

The platform provides a comprehensive series of features and workflows, in accordance with leading global ESG frameworks, to help businesses capture and report their environmental, social and governance risks, and use available techniques to quantify the risks in financial terms.

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The Perfect Solution For Your KPI & Metrics Reporting Needs

Connect your data sources to KPI Communicator’s secure data pipeline and convert into as many KPI dashboards as you need. Subscribe and unsubscribe dashboards to receive them by way of automated email feeds at time and frequency of your choice.

Why Choose Us?

Bizness Analytics Inc is founded on the simple yet crucial principle that over 90% of the organisations ignore when it comes to doing business: Balanced utilization of the ‘3-P’s of big data  –  People. Process. Platforms. 

Digital transformation requires people first, not technology first, approach. We put people back in the driving seat in the digital era. Our tools are created for people, enabling them to use big data and analytics to make better decisions, and improve business efficiency as well as profitability.

What We Offer!

We offer expertise, services and tools to help organizations utilize their data, intelligence, and resources to solve business challenges of tomorrow.  Our comprehensive range of offerings are designed help the managers on the three most critical goals of modern businesses.

BiznessAnalytics Inc. helps you develop strategies that turn your data assets into a true competitive advantage.

Sustainable & Responsible Development

Sustainable growth does not happen by accident. For businesses to maintain sustainable growth and reputation, they need to adapt to the ever shifting issues landscape. We assist companies to have effective strategy from materiality assessment to reporting, from high level strategy visions mapped to detailed goal-setting, all underpinned by effective communications.

Systematic Innovation Management

Ideation is the front end of Innovation and are the fuel to the process as the concepts of ideation ultimately spark innovation. However, not everyone can be expected to have ideas about everything. Ideation should focus on active solicitation of ideas from groups and individuals who are likely to have ideas about a particular problems or opportunity.

Scientific & Data Driven Decision Making

Data driven and scientific approach requires keeping data at center of all decisions, and all decisions are backed up by verified and analyzed data. We focus on three interrelated work streams: Big Data Research, Advanced Data Analytics and Data Pipeline Integration. To deliver, we build a multi-disciplinary team with required CxO level experience, data science expertise and knowledge of latest platforms and tools.


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