GCC Sales Tracker Examples

Board rooms across the world are rapidly migrating away from the traditional PowerPoint decks and spreadsheet views to smart dashboards. Given the complexity of underlying information and importance of the decision making at board levels, it is pointing the obvious of the limitations of traditional methods and need for smarter methods. Besides, the total man-hours spent in preparing the data for these presentations itself could very easily pay for the new digital boardroom solutions.

When you imagine these interactive dashboards on large touchscreens you can already visualize how efficient and easier it would be to navigate, interrogate and scenario planning — the mainstay of such meetings.

Most companies find that the killer use case is the scenario planning that is best achieved by a set of interactive dashboards. The business owners or managers are able to ask what-if questions in pursuit of the right decision. Previously this would mean accepting opinion, remembered facts, plain guesswork or a delay to the decision making process. Well designed dashboards join all the data points of the business together in a set of views that enable decision makers see the big picture, dig into the detail and let the data itself tell stories through scenario analysis. This is also invaluable for executive team and eliminates costly meeting preparation time, and allows them to focus on content.

Here we show a simple example of an interactive and interrogative data views for sales tracking across GCC countries .

Example: GCC Sales Tracker

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