Visual Analytics

Business Intelligence applications and dashboards for the use in boardrooms or meeting rooms has been possible for a long while, but visual analytics is more than just dashboards.

Our Visual Analytics Lab offers a single solution for the full end to end analytics lifecycle – data acquisition, modelling & consolidation, visualisation, presentation, interaction and engagement. The same content can also be consumed outside of the boardroom via PC or mobile devices, so it’s extended beyond that dedicated room or session.

There are different guiding principles of dashboards, which should be designed to address specific business challenges and overall goals in different ways.

Although it may appear straightforward, every manager knows that it can be a challenge to discern each type of dashboard and the business value of that type of dashboard.

The real power of dashboards comes to life when the screens are custom designed to allow a structured story to be told with the information on the agenda.

Besides displaying the information, the real value add comes in when the dashboard answers ad-hoc questions and executes “what if” scenarios. The visual power gets a further boost when predictive models are integrated and allows rapid scenario analysis — get a predictive view of what effect that scenario will have in terms of futures trends.

Our Dashboard Design Solutions

Explanatory Dashboards

Explanatory Dashboards

In explanatory dashboards, the goal of the visual is to communicate some kind of information - a story or an insight to the visual consumer. The visualizations are editorially driven and follow a carefully thought through narrative structure that begins with the main story point and develops it as one navigates through each part of the dashboard. Since the goal is to bring out a single story most clearly, the focus of visual should be on simplicity. It should not contain points of discovery as they would be a distractionary noise. The graphics should be largely static with minimum interactive nature only when absolutely necessary.

Exploratory Dashboards

As the name suggests, exploratory dashboards are meant to explore and uncover stories that would require explanation. These dashboards are not editorially driven and the designer may only know the point of interest but not know what the story is. The discovery of the story would be done by the viewers who are the subject matter experts as they navigate through the data. Contrary to the explanatory dashboards, exploratory dashboards’ real power comes to life when they are interactive and allow the viewer to follow a train of thoughts and query in real time. The story is not told but is discovered while interacting with the dashboard.

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  • Can identify and screen financing options that include banks, venture capital and private equity firms.
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