Predictive Analytics

Data holds many secrets. But powerful insights from data can only be unleashed by combining advanced analytics and data science experts with carefully chosen use cases to deliver measurable results.

Every business problem is unique and hence requires unique solution. No single analytics design pattern fits all circumstances. To avoid getting lost in ocean of data and myriads of analytical paths, it is important to work with a predictive analytics partner that works with you to understand your unique objectives, requirements, and challenges. 

Our consultants and predictive models select most appropriate algorithms and best-practices, and cross-validation methods to eliminate noise, identify the most important features, and deliver accurate predictions.

Common Use Cases



Forecasting is one of the most common predictive use case in any business function. It works essentially by understanding historical time based patterns of a features set to forecast sales, inventory or weather.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

Consists of the current and future values of a customer, which involves an estimation of lifetime length, future purchasing behavior and the profit associated with each behavior of the customer.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Effective customer segmentation allows you to divide the target market or customers based on some significant features which could help sell more products in less marketing expenses.

Basket Analysis

Basket and Affinity Analysis

Basket Analysis uncovers associations between items that occur together frequently in transactions. Affinity analysis discovers co-occurrence relationships among activities or items .

Use Case Inventory

Some sector examples:

  • Retail & CPG: Sales Trends & Forecasting, Cost and Margin Analytics, Growth Areas Identification, Customer Loyalty, Merchandise Analytics, Inventory Management
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital: Portfolio Company Dashboards, Market Analytics, Macro Analytics, Peer Comparison Analytics
  • Functional Examples: Logistics, Demand Forecasting, ABC Analysis
  • Marketing: Market Basket Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention and Repeat Purchases
  • HR Analytics: Talent Acquisition Automation, Collaboration Networks,, Predicting Staff Churn
  • Finance: Accounting Dashboards, Budget & Planning, Risk Analytics, Credit Risk Analytics Fraud Management
  • Document Clustering and Categorization: Automated clustering and categorization of documents based on their contents, Organization of legacy documents in multiple storage locations by topics
  • Fuzzy or Approximate Text Matching: Match words spelled differently by different data providers, Correct human entry error, Finding correspondences on a topic / subject
  • Themes and Summary Extraction: Keywords extraction, Finding themes in text 
  • Sentiment Analysis (Emotional Tone of Words): Generate score of attitudes, opinions and emotions, label and categorize text by ranking them on sentiment

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