Big Data Feeds

We offer a range of data feeds that provide access to competitive intelligence, price movements and insightful news.

Bizness Analytics  delivers a carefully curated set of data feeds to the corporate, financial and investment management community. We are originator, consolidator and value added re-distributor of a range of data feeds from credible sources and partners.  Our data can be linked to other analytical tools and business intelligence packages, making it easy for you to enrich  your workflow.

Our Big Data Feeds Solutions

ESG Benchmarking

ESG Benchmarking

Our ESG benchmarking data feeds provide a cross section of relevant data to compare your ESG performance with a variety of peer universe thus helping you formulate strategy and measure progress.

Assortment Intelligence

Our Assortment intelligence data feeds help retailers track competitors’ inventory and product supply to optimize their catalog.

Industry Data Feeds

Industry Data Feeds

Our data feeds make it quick and easy to load information on information of your interest. Our data feeds are neatly organized in channels and available for use in variety of most common formats.

Product Tracking

Product Tracking

Our data feeds make it a breeze for you to keep an eye on competitors and suppliers' prices or other online store's product categories and prices.

Non Real Time Data

While non real time data is of interest to several information consumers, it is more important to have access to data when required and in the form required. Some examples include:

  • We delivers customized data that corporate and financial managers require for timely decision-making.
  • Has a well-trained team of data specialists who are available to meet out-of-box requirements.
  • Can identify and screen public data from sources that include banks, eCommerce sites, news sites and websites.
  • We ensures that the data feeds always have unbiased and accurate data by performing original research or validating data provided by third-party sources.

A data feed is a stream of structured, current, and up-to-date information. Data feeds are typically used as inputs on models, websites, apps, or other real time tools. 

The most common types of data feeds are news feeds and product data feeds. 

A structured data typically will have each item (a product or record) with consistent pre-set attributes. These both define the product and make it unique from other items in the feed. Attributes can have standard values, such as being in stock or not in stock. They can also have open values, such as the title or description of a product.